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We are located in the City Square Shopping Center formerly GEM Kapalama between Young’s and Satellite City Hall. Come see our well stocked shelves and wide selection of live stock and pet supplies.

Store Hours:
Monday – Friday: 9 am – 7 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 9 am to 5 pm


1199 Dillingham Boulevard #101
City Square Shopping Center
Honolulu, Hawaii 96819

Contact Us:

Phone: (808) 841-5234
Fax (808) 847-3373

Email: kalihipetcenter@aol.com


Here at Kalihi Pet Center, we have a great selection of small animals. We carry Guinea Pigs, to the different breeds of rabbits as well as the exotic chinchilla. On occasion, we also have domestic mice and rats. At times the availability of these animals are short on hand. This is due to all of our small animals being locally bred and not imported. This is a great benefit as its helps keep the prices low for both parties as well as minimize any stress the pets may encounter when being shipped here. 



Here at Kalihi Pet Center, we have a great selection of fishes and aquatic plants. We have many different species of tetras, barbs, cichlids, goldfish, and koi just to name a few. Although we do have a majority of our fishes imported, we have a good number of local breeders as well. The aquatic plants that we carry are for the novice as well as the expert. Most of the species of plants that we have are: Anubias, Ferns and Cryptocorynes. They make for easy planting as well as they are a much harder to kill. The shipments of fish and aquatic plants are weekly. So you’ll always have a great selection to choose from.



In recent years, importing birds have been difficult due to restrictions resulting from an increase number of cases of West Nile Virus and Avian Bird Flu. Although this has put a strain on the variety of birds we used to import, this has caused the local breeders to rise to the challenge! They are now successfully breeding a number of different species of birds right here in our state of Hawaii!

Occasionally, we are able to order a small number of exotic birds that have passed the Federal Quarantine process. So as you spend time viewing our bird selection, you will enjoy seeing a variety of finches from Australia and Africa. You’ll also see grass parakeets to Rosella’s and different breeds of conures to African parrots. 

From time to time you’ll also find that we carry a selection of quails and specialty chickens.



Here at Kalihi Pet Center, we have a really nice selection of reptiles and amphibians. We have on hand when they are in season, box turtles such as the: Three toe, Eastern, and Ornate. We carry tortoises like the: Sulcata, Leopard, Russian, Herman’s, Red Foot and Yellow Foot,  and the Cherry Head Red Foot.

We’re happy to say that a handful of these tortoises that we carry are bred here locally. The variety of water turtles that we carry are the: Red Ear Sliders, Yellow Belly Sliders, Painted, Soft shell, and on occasion the Spotted turtle. Finally we have the popular Jackson chameleon both males and females.

Also when in season, we have a handful of amphibians. One of them is the waterdog. They are the larval stage before turning into the well known Tiger Salamander. A very popular and trending pet is the Axolotl. They look like a waterdog , however these do not change into a salamander but keep its form forever. They do come in a variety of colors including the new GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein). So under a black light they will glow.

On occasion we carry Green tree frogs, Grey tree frogs, Fire belly newts, and Fire Salamanders. Though living in Hawaii, we still can have a few cool species of Reptiles and Amphibians.


Here at Kalihi Pet Center, we carry a diverse breed of puppies. Because we only deal with local breeders, we enjoy the benefits of knowing they come from loving and caring homes. We DO NOT purchase any puppies from puppy mills. Some of the popular breeds that we carry are: Maltese / Shih Tzu mixes, Chihuahua / Toy Fox Terrier mixes, as well as Pomeranian / Chihuahua mixes. On occasion, we have pure bred puppies like Pomeranians, Long Hair Chihuahua, Frenchies and others.

Unfortunately, we do not order dogs from the mainland or internationally. We feel we don’t get to know the breeders personally as well as we would receive the puppies at an older age. Not to mention the cost incurred for quarantine, blood test, or other medical expenses that would make the prices for them at an uncomfortable amount for our customers. 

However, with each puppy that we receive, they are taken immediately to the veterinarian for a physical, 1st set of shots and worming before they are made available for sale. When a customer purchases a puppy, they receive a free veterinarian check up as well. 

On occasion we do have kittens available. We receive them from loving and caring families and they too receive the same free veterinarian check up as well. When purchasing a new puppy or kitten from us, you too can feel confident knowing we take great care in acquiring our puppies or kittens from local and reputable breeders.